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Examples of Mis-Sold Products and Services

About Mis-Sold Consumer Claims

Mis-Sold Consumer Claims are experts in consumer mis-selling claims.  New products and services are appearing all of the time and many are unproven and the public at large are often the guinea pigs and a testing ground for new products and services.  For this reason people may find themselves failing victim to mis-selling and misrepresentations.

Here at Mis-sold Consumer Claims our focus is upon service related products that are often mis-sold to consumers.  These service products are often sold within a focused prearranged presentation where a consumer is invited to attend presentations or someone visits the consumer at home or they are invited to visit a trader’s premises. The sale is often made directly with the consumer, decisions are often made ‘on the spot’ following a presentation, sales are often made by using aggressive, unethical and unlawful selling practices that breach UK consumer law and statute.

Mis-Sold Consumer Claims have undertaken extensive research into various niche market areas and we have identified a niche market within travel, lifestyle and leisure sectors.  It would appear that there are several companies offering discount travel products and services, lifestyle and leisure products and services with very high purchase values.

Our research tells us that many people who purchase such products find them poor value for money and the promises made at the point of sale are often undeliverable when consumers attempt to use the product or service.  These products are often sold in an aggressive and sustained manner during a long and pressurised sales presentation with consumers being put on the spot to make an immediate purchase.

Typically this forms the catalyst for a claim for mis-selling.  By reviewing the sales process along with what was promised and documentation provided we can establish a case for a mis-sold product or service quite easily.


I submitted a charge back claim re Missold Claims regards Monster Rewards I submitted proof of contact and proof of payment to them and to my amazement within 6 weeks I had a full reimbursement into my chosen bank account I then forwarded their fee into their account. Although they work on a no fee no payment basis I was delighted with the outcome as I would not have known what documents were required to claim thank you Missold Claims

Carol Langley

Our clam was dealt with in a very professional way. Michael Price kept us informed about the claim and his encouragement dispelled any doubts we had.
We received 100% refund of monies paid tot te EZE group
We recommend MISSOLD

B Lusmore

Had issues with Monster Rewards, Mis Sold Consumer Claims resolved matter efficiently and completely to my satisfaction, thoroughly recommend them.

Roger Nunn